CASL Powered
                          Solution Provider Palm OS Controller for the RX-320 Shortwave Receiver - Development Software

by Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC

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Several programming languages are available for Palm software development. I chose to use the Compact Applications Solutions Language (CASL) from CASLsoft and Feras Information Technologies (

CASL is very easy to learn. Its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is similar to Visual Basic or any of the others, but much simpler to use. I didn't have to spend a lot of time learning my way around the programming environment before I could start writing code.

The language itself is also easy to learn and powerful enough to do the job I wanted to do. And at a cost of only $64.95 it's a steal as far as powerful programming languages go.

The software comes with two manuals: one for the programming environment and one for the language. The language manual is more of a reference guide than a tutorial, so some things you learn by trial and error because there are no clear examples of how to do them.

Even so, without ever having written a CASL program before, I started development of the RX-320 program on June 26, 2001, and two weeks later on July 10 I had a working program that would operate the radio. As with any other good software product, 80% of the time was spent developing the user interface, input field validation, and error detection, and 20% of the time was spent teaching the software to talk to the radio. Within the actual source code only about 10% of the code is for talking to the radio. The other 90% is for the user interface and the other things.

I would recommend CASL to anyone who wants to get started in Palm programming with an easy to learn language at a reasonable cost.