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by Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC

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The RX-320 Palm Controller Software has been chosen by CASLsoft as the October 2001 Developer Spotlight winner. Thank you CASLsoft!!!

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What is the Palm Controller Software?

If you've ever wanted to operate your RX-320 in a portable or temporary environment but didn't want or didn't have a portable computer, the Palm OS controller could be your solution.

The RX-320 Palm OS software allows you to control the Ten Tec RX-320 PC Radio using popular Palm PDAs like the ones from Palm, Handspring, Sony, etc. Just add a serial cable and you're in business.

Download the software and view the installation and operating instructions

What are the advantages of the Palm Controller Software?

Using a Palm OS PDA instead of a personal computer offers these advantages:

  • Portability - Palm PDAs are much smaller than notebook or laptop computers and can be carried in your pocket.
  • Usability - The RX-320, when used with the telescoping whip antenna, is prone to picking up noise from the computer or monitor. Palm PDAs generate much less noise than a computer , and some models may not generate any noise at all.

What are the disadvantages of the software?

Compared to software running on a personal computer, the Palm software does not:

  • offer a spectrum sweep display
  • offer any scanning features
  • provide an S-meter reading
  • offer passband tuning

What's needed to mak the software work?

You need a Palm OS PDA running Palm OS 3 or later and an RS-232 serial cable like the ones used for connecting to data equipment (modems, etc.). The cable should have a nine-pin connector for the RX-320. And of course you need an RX-320 receiver.

What are the features of the software?

The software provides control over the following receiver functions:

  • Frequency Tuning
  • Speaker Volume
  • Mode
  • AGC Settings
  • Filter Selection
  • Tuning Steps

There are 100 memories for storing frequency, mode, agc, and filter width. A description or other text data may also be stored with each memory.

All 34 filter bandwidths are available and ten different frequency tuning steps are available.

You can make frequency changes and speaker volume adjustments using the hardware buttons which is much more convenient than using the stylus.

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