IBM 370/138, circa 1980

IBM 370/138, circa 1980

This IBM 370 was a model 138 with 512K of memory. The two system drives, seen in the background, were 3340's. All the other drives were 3350's. The printer was an IBM 3203, the tape units were three 3420's; one 800/1600 bpi, and two 1600/6250 bpi. I can't remember which model card reader/ punch was used with this computer.

The operating system was OS/VS1 and we ran with three and sometimes four partitions.

This 370 replaced an IBM 360/50, 1403 printer, 3330 drives, and 2540 card reader/punch.

This computer was installed at General Computer Services, in Huntsville, AL, where I used to work as a computer operator and later as a production scheduler, then as a programmer on the Payroll/Personnel software products.

GCS was bought out by CARS, of Birmingham, AL, who later changed their name to Dyatron Corporation.

Dyatron later sold the Payroll/Personnel Software division to McCormack & Dodge and kept the Personal Trust software division.

McCormack & Dodge was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. In 1990 D&B also acquired Management Science America, and combined the two companies into Dun & Bradstreet Software.

A couple of years ago D&B Corporation sold D&B Software to Geac Corporation.

Dyatron Corporation was acquired by Sungard Data Systems in 1989 and now makes up two of Sungard's companies, Sungard Employee Benefits Systems and Sungard Trust Systems.

At one time or another I have worked for General Computer Services, Dyatron Corporation, McCormack & Dodge, and Dun & Bradstreet Software.